Kathryn Lynn Trammel

Born in New Jersey, Kathryn Lynn Trammel moved to Seminole, Florida located in Pinellas County in 1987. She moved there with her parents and brother to be closer to her maternal grandparents. She attended a private K-8 school and then a public high school.

Kathryn Lynn is a Registered Nurse trained in critical care and emergency services. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master’s of Science in Microbiology. She's an ambitious researcher with strong interpersonal skills and a passion for providing the best possible patient care. Kathryn specializes in patient-specific care and service delivery which sets her apart from other nurses on the travel nursing staff.

Kathryn currently loves her position as a travel nurse even though it’s very demanding work. She says, “I feel that I am making a difference though. My goal is to have a positive impact on every patient that I encounter .